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You must eat real Sushi In Japan.
Sushi is the one of the most popular  food with raw fresh sea food on vinegared  rice.

High class sushi restaurant Need reservation!
How to order sushi? The best way is—go to Sushi restaurant with Japanese. If you go without Japanese , please simply say “OMAKASE”, which means “I leave it to you”.
So sushi chef will choose the best recommended topping(“neta”) for you.
Order sushi is not too cheap although very very delicious.
You can also have casual sushi at restaurant such as ” Kaiten sushi” restaurant for lunch depending on your budget.



are grilled chicken skewers made from 1-mouth-bite sized pieces of meat from all different parts of the chicken, such as the breasts, thighs, skin, liver and other animal organs. Usually cooked over charcoal, yakitori is a popular, inexpensive dish commonly enjoyed together with a glass of beer. the best yakitori is served at specialty restaurants, known as Yakitori-ya, but is can also be found at many other types of restaurants across Japan. such as izakaya, and festival food stands.

Reservation is not necessary in some of Yakitori-yas, but if you do not understand Japanese, it is difficult to make an order. We will arrange an Assistant to eat happily together with you



There are many kinds of noodles in Japan. Among them, Ramen becomes popular with foreigners.

  • Ramen…there are 3 kinds of soup. (Tonkotsu=pork, Shoyu=soy sauce, and Miso )
  • Udon…you can enjoy it hot, cold & fried.
  • Soba…hot & cold
  • Yakisoba
  • chanpon
  • somen…especially good for hot season.

economical price and reservation not needed.



is popular Japanese dish both inside and outside Japan.

Tempura can be found in many types of restaurants across the country. It is commonly served as a main dish, side dish or as a topping for tendon rice bowls, udon and soba noodle dishes.

The best places to try tempura are restaurants specialized in the dish, known as tempura-ya. Tempura-ya have the reputation of being high-class restaurants, where customers often sit at the counter and watch as the chef prepares tempura one piece after the other. A meal at this high class tempura-ya typically costs JPY 5,000 or more. Reservation is needed.

Casual restaurants such as izakaya, family restaurants, shokudo, and Udon and Soba restaurants also serve tempura as part of a set meal or as a side dish.



is a deep-fried dish made with meat, fish, and vegetables as well as other ingredients placed on a thin bamboo skewer. It is often called “kushiage” in eastern Japan, especially in the Kanto region, and it is usually made with pork and onion. On the other hand, the name “kushikatsu” is famous in the Kansai region ? especially in Osaka, where there are many restaurants specialized in this dish. The ingredients cut into small pieces are the peculiarity of this dish. Kushikatsu restaurants usually have rules regarding the way of eating their dishes. Oyster sauce is placed on the tables in the restaurant, and customers are supposed to share them, and eat their skewers after putting sauce on each of them.

Putting sauce on a skewer twice is forbidden.



You must eat Japanese sweets in Japan. It has rich tastes and there are many kinds of confectioneries. Most of them are the sweets that can not be stored long time and must be kept in refrigerators. Only inedible sweets in Japan.

Let’s go inside sweet shop or coffee shop etc….

Delicious Japanese sweets are full of natural ingredients and high in plant protein. Wagashi contains red bean, Kidney beans, glutinous rice, powdered rice, sweet potatoes, sesame, Jelly and sugar. There is almost no animal fat, which makes it a wholesome, healthy product. Natural unrefined sugar is one of the important ingredients in Wagashi.

Also there is Kit Kat Maccha chocolate that you can take it to your country as a souvenir.


Japanese Culture Experience


Enjoy Shamisen, Japanese traditional music instrument.

Touch the strings and feel the heart of Japan.

If you want to join us, please let us know. when? How many people?

We will arrange a shamisen lesson for you. Enjoy!

Standard Lesson: JPY1,500/per 30mins/1 person in a small room (Max 6 persons)



  • Kimono rental + Tea ceremony Tour
  • Tea field at Kyoto area, Uji. Wazuka etc.



Yatsuhashi is very famous sweets in Kyoto.
Good combination with Green tea.



Here are a lot of cooking classes in Japan. Enjoy cooking & eating!

  • Sushi cooking
  • Udon and Soba noodle
  • Japanese confectionery
  • Tako-yaki, Octopus
  • Okonomi-yaki, Japanese pancake



Zazen is a type of meditation unique to Zen Buddhism that functions at the heart of the practice. Zen is the Japanese word for meditation, so Zen Buddhists could be called “Meditation Buddhists.” This article will outline how a beginner can practice Zazen, which literally means sitting meditation.