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traditional sightseeing (Osaka/Kyoto/Nara/Hiroshima, Hokkaido, Tokyo / Mt. Fuji areas), cultural events (shamisen musical instrument, tea ceremony, Yatsuhashi sweets making, Japanese cuisine cooking, Zen meditation), gourmet enjoyment (snow crab and king crab in winter, sushi, yakitori, ramen and udon, tempura, kushikatsu, wagashi, matcha), seasonal tours (skiing, snowboarding) or Universal Studio’s excitement.

Popular Tour

Here below are some concrete examples worthy of our recommendation. You don’t want to miss these popular tours without checking them out.

【Half Day Tour From Osaka】Cultural Experience ( 4 Hours )

City Duration Osaka 4Hous      Hour Itinerary Meal 09:00     Meet with guide at hotel in Osaka ◆Sample food making ◆ Maid Cafe◆classical games in Shinsekai Area( Smart Ball,Shooting gallery)◆Light Cooking experience and eating(Okonomiyaki o・・・

【1 Day Tour From Sapporo】Sapporo & Otaru & Yoichi

City Duration Sapporo-Otaru-Yoichi-Sapporo 9Hous        Hour Itinerary  Meal 09:00 Depart hotel in Sapporo ◆Sapporo city tour( Clock tower,Odori Park,Market) ◆ Otaru city tour ( Canal,Olgel museum,Glass shop,Sakaimachi Street) Include Lunch at Otaru ・・・

【1 Day Tour】Capital City Tokyo Excursion(EN/MY/IN)

City Duration Tokyo 8Hous       ENGLISH Hour Itinerary  Meal 09:00         Depart from hotel in Tokyo ◆Tsukiji fish market ◆ Asakusa Sensoji Temple&Nakamise Street ◆ Lunch ❖Choice: Akihabara, Ginza, Obaiba, Omotesando, or Har・・・

【1 Day Tour】 Mt. Fuji & Gotemba Outlet or Lake Ashi(EN/MY/IN)

City Duration Tokyo-Mount Fuji-Gotemba Outlet or Lake Ashi-Tokyo 10Hous            ENGLISH Hour Itinerary  Meal 08:00         Depart from hotel in Tokyo ◆Mt.Fuji 5th station ◆ Oshinohakkai beautiful spring water pond ◆ Lunch(・・・

【1 Day Tour From Osaka】Nara&Kyoto (EN/MY/IN)

City Duration Osaka-Nara-Kyoto-Osaka 10Hous       Hour Itinerary Meal 08:30           Depart from hotel in Osaka ◆Nara Park(Deer Park)&Todaiji Temple ◆ Kiyomizu Temple & Sannenzaka Street ,include lunch time ◆ St・・・

【Half Day Tour From Osaka】Osaka ( 4 Hours )

City Duration Osaka 4Hous        Hour Itinerary Meal 09:00     Depart from hotel in Osaka ◆Osaka Castle◆ Tsutenkaku Tower(observatory) & Shinsekai◆Kuromon Fish Market B:- L:- D:- 13:00 End of the service at Dotonbori **Option : We arran・・・

【1 Day Tour From Sapporo】Enjoy Snowfield & Outlet Shopping

Enjoy Snow Field and Outlet Shopping Sapporo-Suburb Sapporo-Sapporo (9:00-15:00/6Hours) 09:00 Depart Hotel in Sapporo. – Enjoy snow activity ( Choice: Takino Suzuran Park or Snowland Rurumap ) Lunch Outlet shopping (1 Hour ) 15:00 Arrive at hot・・・

Winter Event in Hokkaido (MUST Check!!)

★[Sapporo] Title : 38th White Illumination Official HP (English page available ) Venue Period Illumination Hour Odori Site 22Nov- 25Dec  2018 16:30-22:00 (-24:00 on 22-25Dec) German Christmas Market/Odori Park 2-chome・・・

Kyoto Tour with Wagashi(Japanese traditional sweets)

City Duration Osaka-Kyoto-Osaka Or Kyoto-Kyoto-Kyoto Osaka-Kyoto-Osaka 9Hours45minutes Or Kyoto-Kyoto-Kyoto   8Huors45minutes    Itinerary Meal 08:30 Depart Hotel in Osaka / 09:15 Depart Hotel in Kyoto ◆09:45-11:00 Arashiyama bamboo forest ◆ 11:30-12・・・

【1 Day Tour From Osaka】 Ancient Kyoto (EN/MY/IN)

City Duration Osaka-Kyoto-Osaka 9Hous        Hour Itinerary  Itinerary 09:00         Depart from hotel in Osaka ◆Fushimi-Inari Shrine or Golden Pavilion ◆ Kiyomizu Temple & Sannenzaka Street ◆ Lunch (Japanese set menu) ◆Gion w・・・