Cool Japan Tours

Private Tour

Common Condition

Common condition for Tour & Transfer

Type of Private Vehicles *we quote & arrange depends on your group size
*Please tell us in advance if you bring more than 1 suitcase each.
*Our calculation: 1 suitcase = 90 liter/ 28 inch size

Total Guests 1-9 10-40
Vehicle Sedan/Mini VAN/VAN
Regular type & Luxury type
BUS: Small (Micro) / Medium / Large

*Our Transfer service included meeting service at airport served by driver who speaks Japanese. If you prefer English service, we will arrange ESA -English Speaking Assistant, ESD- English Speaking Driver or ESG- English Speaking Guide as optional with charge.

Peak up charge ~ Feb. – Aug. 2024 

Area Term for Small vehicles (up to 9 guests) …for Bus, pls check with us
Hokkaido Feb.03- 12. 17- 18. 23- 25 ; +5~20 %

Apr.27- May 06, Jul.01- Aug.18 ; +5~15 %

Except Hokkaido Feb.03-12. 23- 25, Mar.16- Apr.07 ; +5~20 %

Apr.27- May 06, Jul.13- 15, Aug.10- 18 ; +5~15 %

Early morning up or Late night up charge
Required depends on your Flight Arrival / Hotel Departure / Destination or Area / Vehicle type →→*Please check each page on our website or contact us detail.

Payment method
Pay Pal : Credit card payment through PayPal. Please add +2% to your total service cost as handling charge of PayPal.
Bank Transfer from overseas ; you can use bank if tour fee is over JPY 150000 =USD 1000 ; Please add +5,500JPY. This is charge of Japanse bank. If transfer within Japan, no need charge.

Basic Cancellation Charge ( will be applied if you wish to cancel or any change )

** In case of irregular, especially on Peak period and at some hotels, we inform one by one based.

After confirm your reservation,
10% of total purchase amount will be charged

20%; charge will occur from 30  (Peak 40)  days before service.

50%; from 14  (Peak 14 ) days before.

100%; from 3 (Peak 7) days before.

TRANSFER for Small Vehicle ( Up to VAN )

After confirm your reservation,
JPY 2000/ sector will be charged

20%; charge will occur from 14  (Peak 21)  days before service.

50%; from 7  (Peak 10 ) days before.

100%; from 3 (Peak 3) days before.


After confirm your reservation,
JPY 7500/ sector will be charged

20% charge will occur from 21 days before service.

50%; from 14 days before.

100%; from 7 days before.

ATTENTION!!!! – If you order tour arrangement addition to just transfer service, “tour cancellation charge” will be applied for all order.Please contact with us.
Price & condition might be change without prior notice.


Special notice as for Covid 19:
In case of Refusal to enter by the government, we will negotiate with you.