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Private Tour

Enjoy to stay Private cottage in North Kyoto. Feel nature, eat natural local food and Be Happy!

2 days trip from Osaka. It’s free, You can visit below spot.

Chion-ji Temple

enjoy cycling on heaven bridge

Kono Shrine


Chion-ji Temple (Monju-do)

God of wisdom is enshrined.

Many people pray for passing examination of  University, permit, getting qualification….

Heaven bridge(Amanohashidate) & Amanohashidate Shrine

Lying along the Amanohashidate sandbar is a quaint shrine that takes the name of the land bridge itself.

This shrine is one of several “Power spots” in the Tango area. Amanohashidate is host to many stories about dragons, and the king of the eight Dragons is enshrined here.

Beside the shrine is one of Japan’s most famous water springs-the Isokiyoshisui (pure water of the beach). Despite being rights on the seashore, this freshwater spring adorns the shine as the purifying well for travelers to wash their hands at before approaching the shrine.

Heaven bridge

Kono shrine (Tango no Kuni Ichinomiya)

Motoise Kono Shrine is an old shrine that has a strong affinity with the famous Ise Shrine in Mie Pref. It is said that the goddess of agriculture, Toyouke-Omikami, who once resided in this area was called to Ise Shrine by the sun goddess, Amaterasu-Omikami, and has since been enshrined at Ise Shrine. Along the railing in front of the main shrine there are five colored suedama, a Shinto motif of which only two shrines in the country are permitted to use – Use Shrine and Kono Shrine.

Within the shrine grounds there is a suikinkutsu, a Japanese garden ornament that produces a beautiful sound like a koto harp, as water drips into an underground cave. Its mysterious tones echo from underfoot and it is as relaxing as it is beautiful.

The legend of the floating bridge from Heaven: In ancient times the god Izanagi went to and from the heavens to see the goddess Izanami via the Bridge to the Heavens(Amanohashidate). Now this area is known as the land where men and women can be fate to one another like Izanagi and Izanami were

historical Kono Shrine

Nariai-ji Temple

Halfway up Mt. Nariai, overlooking Amanohashidate  is Nariaiji Temple, the 28th checkpoint along the east Japan pilgrimage route. Nariai Temple is known as the place where wishes come true, according to the Kannnon’s words.

The deity worshipped here is the Aryavalokitesvara Bodhisattva which is represented by the Kannon in the form of a beautiful woman. It is said those who come to the temple are granted a beautiful body and spirit.

Nariaiji Temple’s gardens are regarded as same of the most beautiful in the area. In the spring, cherry blossoms and rhododendrons bloom, and Japanese maples set the grounds alight in a blaze of red.

beautiful autumn leaf

Kuromatsu Lunch train

Let’s take Kuromatsu Lunch train for Maizuru. Italian lunch are cooked by local vegetable, beef and fish. And all you can drink local wine!

Departure at 12:48 on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and National Holiday. from Amanohashidate station.

dinning train “Kuromatsu”

Ine fisherman’s village

All of house has garage of shishing boat. This is fisherman’s village. Enjoy short crouise and try to enter small sake brewery or cafe and stroll around.

Ine fisherman’s Village

Your private accommodation “Marintopia Resort”

You can stay luxury Villa with your family and friend.

private pool

living room

crab dinner for winter season

Have nice time in holly & spiritual Miyazu.

Model plan & Price by Van with English speaking driver

Day 1 Morning : pick up at Hotel in Osaka city.

Long distance transfer to Amano Hashidate (take about 2.5 hours)

11:30-14:00 Amano Hashidate

  • have Lunch time
  • visit Chion-ji Temple
  • enjoy to walk & cycling in Amano Hshidate
  • enjoy shopping in Local souvenir

14:30-15:00 Kono Shrine

15:30-16:00 Nariai-ji Temple

16:30 Drop off at Marintopia Resort

Day 2 Morning :  Enjoy free!

11:00 : Check out Marintopia Resort

Option 1     for Lunch Train Kuromatsu (Dep. Friday, Saturday, Sunday and National holiday)

Price: JPY12000 /per person

12:48 Leave Amano Hashidate Station by Kuromatsu train for Nishimaizuru Station

Enjoy Italian deluxe Lunch on board with nice viewing.

14:50 Arrival at Nishimaizuru Station and meet your driver.

image picture

Option 2   Ine Bay short cruise & stroll around Funaya village (2 Hours)

Price: JPY1000/per person

Ine fisherman’s Village

15:00 Transfer back to Osaka.

17:30 arrival at Osaka   ~ end of our service ~


You can choice dinner menu.


crab dinner for winter season

Japanese cuisine