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We can assist your business trip!

Here is some business related Facilities.
We can help you to contact them for you if you need!


The Entrepreneurial Museum of Challenge and Innovation
Official HP:
Outline from HP:We introduce 105 entrepreneurs active in the setting in Osaka, such as Mr. Konosuke Matsushita and Mr. Kobayashi Kazuzo,
with related items . A special exhibition is held several times a year.

Monozukuri Business Information-Center Osaka
Official HP:
Outline from HP: To the permanent exhibition hall of the largest domestic 200 booth in the country
The latest technology and products of SMEs are exhibited.
As a place of business matching from domestic and overseas
We have many visitors coming.

Your dedicated coordinator will be looking for your “looking for”. You can set up a technical consultation desk at the reception desk and obtain information on the latest manufacturing making it possible to match with the company.